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 Name of Study: The effect of Ritalin (Methylphenidate) on pain sensitivity: A double blind randomized controlled trial in healthy subjects

Student /  Researcher: Dr. Roi Treister

 Name of Study:Tracking circadian rhythms of sensitivity to pain, sleep and fatigue, and assessment of inter-individual factors in young healthy adults

Student /  Researcher: Yehoshua Aviram

Name of Study: Exploring the phenomenon of opioid induce hyperalgesia

Student /  Researcher: Erika Dolnikov

Name of Study: A new registry on the use of medical cannabis for pain management: a web technology based prospective study

Student /  Researcher: Yehoshua Aviram

Name of Study: Identifying neuroimaging biomarkers, demographic, personality and sensory factors for understanding extreme pain responses to various experimental pain stimulations in healthy subjects

Student /  Researcher: Hadas Grouper

Name of Study: Pain response and gait automaticity in healthy young adults: A new experimental model towards an understanding of the relationships between pain and falls in older adults

Student /  Researcher: Miriam Coleman 

Name of Study: Identification of clinical and socio-demographical characteristics that may affect symptoms' profile in ovarian cancer patients during adjuvant chemotherapy in .comparison to healthy women

Student /  Researcher: Dorit Dumin